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Grammatical Properties

  1. Gender: Animate and inanimate.
  2. Number: Singular and plural.
  3. Obviation: Proximate and obviative (4th person).
  4. Locatives: Expressing location or likeness with a noun.
  5. Diminutives: Expressing small size or juvenility.
  6. Pejoratives: Expressing contempt or low opinion.
  7. Preterits: Expressed status as deceased or worn out.
  8. Possessives: Expressing possession.
  9. Obviative Possessors
  10. Independent and Dependent: optional and obligatory possession.
  11. Vocatives: Direct address.

Forming Nouns (Derivation)

  1. Prenouns: Modifying nouns.
  2. Compounds: Putting two nouns together.
  3. Nominalizing Suffix -win
  4. Nominalizing Suffix /-n/
  5. Nominalizing Suffix /-gan/
  6. Classifier Nominal Suffixes