VTI Inflection

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  · /-am/ Theme VTI(1) Verbs
  · /-oo/ Theme VTI2 Verbs
  · /-i/ Theme VTI3 Verbs
  · /-am/ Theme VTI4 Verbs
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VTI verbs are those classified as transitive inanimate, meaning that they take an inanimate direct object. Their subject are always animate. VTI verbs form subgroups on the basis of what theme suffix they have, whether /-am/ (VTI verbs), /-oo/ (VTI2 verbs), or /-i/ (VTI3 verbs). There is also a very small set of verbs, here labeled VTI4, which have /-am/ theme attached to a stem apparently ending in a vowel. In the conjunct, except for participles, VTI inflection is identical to that of VAI verbs.